Hey there. I can help you prepare for a technical interview - for free!

I want to start conducting mock interviews, i.e. give a technical exercise for 45-60 minutes, share feedback, and, if appropriate, give advice for improvement. Drop me a line at contact@gukov.dev, and we’ll find out if I can help. My bandwidth is limited, but I’ll reserve for it a few hours a week.

This idea has been on my mind for a while.

I kinda know how the interviews work. I did a few dozens, both as an interviewer and a candidate. Also, I was trained as an interviewer at Yandex and at Google. I rarely conducted mock interviews though, so this experiment is a learning opportunity for me too.

My motivation is that often people flunk their interviews simply because they’re not experienced with the process. Interviewing is a skill too, and if you don’t have it, you’ll have a harder time getting a job (even if you’re a superstar engineer). And if I can help you overcome this barrier and land a job at your dream company, it’s totally worth an hour or two of my time.

P.S. I’m most comfortable conducting the interviews in coding (esp. algorithms) and system design (also NALSD).